Belt vs. Chain Garage Door Opener: Which Is Right For You?

Belt vs. Chain Garage Door Opener: Which Is Right For You?

You must be renovating your home and have a lot going on in your mind about what color the windows will be, what sort of interior would be ideal for the living room and how to model your kitchen to make your life easier? These are things that are on your mind and have some idea. A vivid or blurry image, that you can easily visualize with the passage of time. But when it comes to choosing your garage door, especially the type, which one should you go?

Should you opt for a belt garage door or do you want a chain one? Does it make any different? Find out all the answers as well as why you should always go for professional automatic garage door openers

How Belt and Chain Garage Doors Work?

You’ve probably seen more chain garage doors than the belt one – and there’s a reason for it. Chain garage door are cost-effective and used by a lot of people. These types of doors use metal chain to raise or lower your garage door by moving metal parts and gears at the same time.

On the other hand, belt garage door relies on rubber belt to open or close the door. Similar to chain garage doors where all parts move together using a metal chain – belt garage doors use a rubber belt instead.

Price Point: Which Is Better?

As established already that when it comes to price point – chain garage doors are the best. They are most widely used and have proved their effectiveness. On the contrary, belt garage doors are relatively more expensive – but if you take into account the life of both the doors, then we can say for sure that a belt garage door can easily outlive the chain one.

This means that belt garage doors, in the longer run, would prove themselves to be more cost effective. If you opt for chain garage door, you’ll often find yourself searching for garage door repairs experts in your area.

Which One Is Stronger?

Since in chain garage doors metal chains are used, so they can lift more weight than the belt garage doors, in which rubber belts are used. So if you’re planning to install a heavy metal door to protect your car, then a chain garage door would be the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to life lighter and generally recommended door models, then a belt door would be equally effective.

Pro Tip: If you want to park two or more cars in your garage, then we recommend you to get a chain garage door as the door’s size and weight would increase to cover such an area. So in terms of strength – chain garage door takes more points than the belt one.

Which One is Noisy?

We all have been in a situation where after a long-day family vacations we reach home with the baby finally asleep only to be woken up again by a noisy garage door. This happens usually when there’s something wrong with your garage door or you have chain garage door. When metal objects move, they tend to make some noise. This is the reason a lot of people (with babies) prefer belt garage doors.

Ensuring your baby’s sleep is just one thing – but what if your entire family is sleeping and you reach late from work and open the garage door – and the next thing you know, everyone’s complaining about the noise and how it has made their lives hell. We don’t recommend you to have a chain drive, if your garage is near to the bedroom. If you are concerned about noise, then belt garage door is your best bet. Regardless of what you buy, you should maintain it properly in order to avoid any sort of problems. But not all the situations are unavoidable and in such cases, you can contact the best garage door openers Brisbane like us. Our team of professional will reach quickly and get the job done as per your expectations.

Which Is More Convenient?

Chain garage doors are not just noisy they are bit slower than belt garage doors. So apart from strength and affordability, belt garage doors are better in other categories. This all comes down to preferences and since we are not selling any door rather than offering you suggestions to make up your mind, you are free to go with whatever you wish. But if you need to get it repaired, then you know we do amazing garage door repairs in Brisbane.

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