How well do you know your garage door?

How well do you know your garage door?

You might be wondering why would you want to know about your garage door. What benefit will you get? How come it’s going to affect you or your life in anyway? Well, for starters knowng the basics of your garage door saves you time and money. How?

  • You would know if any problem you might be facing is actually a problem that requires a professional’s help or not.
  • You can easily talk to a professional and understand what exactly they are charging for.

At Brisbane Garage Door Specialist, we care about our customers and the people who come to us for help. Let’s learn the basics of garage door, so you can understand whether you need to hire someone for your garage door repairs or you can roll-up your sleeves to get the job done.


Garage Door Terms You Should Know

Let’s start with a fun fact. Do you know that for an average garage door to function properly – over 65 operational and structural components work together. Apparently a simple door that makes your life easier has a lot going on behind the scenes. Now onto the terms to help you understand your garage door components:


These are a group of panels generally of steel that can be found on sectional door designs. Rollers and hinges interconnect these panels which are already reinforced with tiles. This design makes your life easier as the sections can be replaced without you having to replace the entire door.


This component basically serves as a guide to your door and enables it to open or close seamlessly. Tracks are there on the both sides of your garage door in two sets – horizontally and vertically. If you are wondering what’s the curved parts of the tracks are called, then it’s called radius.


Connected with the tracks to help you raise or lower your garage door, rollers as the name suggests enable it to move.

Top Brackets:

Responsible for holding the door, top brackets provide structural support to the lifting cables. If they get damaged due to any reason you need to connect with a professional. If you need garage door repairs in Brisbane, you can easily reach out to us for help.

Bottom Brackets:

They too provide support to the lifting cables and are fixed at the bottom like the name suggests.


They allow the garag door to move up and down easily. Moreover, they are attached to the sections and provide support – holding them together.


Can be found on both sides of the garage door, cables are used with extension and torsion springs that help your door move up and down.


They are essential to maintain the balance when opening or closing the garage door. On the shaft of torsion spring, grooved drums enable the lifting cables to wind properly when you open the garage door.

Extension Springs:

Can be found on both sides of the horizontal tracks and help in opening or closing the door. They’re usually placed in a manner that they can extend or stretch when force is applied.

Torsion Springs:

Responsible for doing all the heavy lifting part on your garage door, torsion springs wind cables on the drums when raising or lowering the door.

Operator Hanger:

Responsible for keeping the horizontal tracks in their place by keeping them attached to the ceiling.

Emergency Pull Cord:

It disengages the motor when pulled, so that you can manually raise or lower the door.

Electric Operator:

It’s sole purpose is to mechanically lower or raise your garage door.

Operator Rail:

The screw drive, chain or belt on the garage door are generally referred to as operator rail.

Rear Track Hanger:

It provides additional support to the horizontal tracks by keeping it attached to the ceiling.

Bearing Plate:

Providing support to the shaft and springs by joining the header.


Utilizing the light transmitters, sensors can easily identify the presence of the objects near to it. You need to ensure that the beam is open – otherwise it won’t work and your garage door won’t open.



Although we did try to cover all the basics in this information piece, so that you can easily save time and money. However, you are advised to refer to the owner’s manual for additional details. And still if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your garage door or why is it acting up, then you know who to contact for automatic garage doors in Brisbane.



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